• Mend your Marriage
  • Rekindle the Joy
  • Overcome Anxiety & Depression

Marriage Counseling

Falling in love is easy, staying in love is another matter.
Instead of examining why you are stuck, learn to focus on solutions.
Marriage Counseling


We often treat the people we love much worse than we would ever treat a friend or colleague.

Marriage Counseling

Humor in Relationships

Find the opportunity to laugh together
In a relationship, humor helps to build and strengthen a connection..

Anxiety & Depression

Isn't it about time to get your life back on track?
You can overcome depression and anxiety and build emotional well being.
Anxiety & Depression


When we recognize the perceptions that contribute to depression and anxiety, we have choices to challenge and change them.

Anxiety & Depression


Talking to an objective person can
help you see new ways to cope.

Christian Counseling

I live my life and run my practice
according to Biblical principle
Christian Counseling

Judgment Free

We have all fallen short, we have all experienced pain. It takes courage to reach out for help.

Christian Counseling

My Prayer

You will see Christ in my words,
actions and how I treat you and your relationship.

Start your journey now, the best is yet to come

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